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expungement information qualifications rule of disclosure

July 12, 2020

Florida Expungement And Sealing 101: The Basics

One of my favorite particular areas of practice is expungement in Florida. There is something special…

DUI Court Arraignment Pre-Trial Conference Motions

August 1, 2020

DUI Defense In Florida: When Your Case Goes To Court

As I’ve stated in previous sections, the administrative license suspension is issued at the time you are…

DUI Administrative License Suspension

August 24, 2020

DUI Defense: The Administrative Case Against You.

A DUI case is essentially two cases in one. There is an administrative case, and a criminal case…

DUI Arrest Sobriety Excercises Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Refusing the Breath Test

May 16, 2020

DUI: The Traffic Stop, The Investigation, The Arrest

DUI arrests occur (almost always) during traffic stops on our roadways, and for a variety of…

Hillsborough County DUI RIDR Program

June 3, 2020

The Tampa DUI RIDR Program; A Good Option For Some

In 2018, a few years or so after his successful campaign bid, newly elected Hillsborough State…

Juvenile Record prevent disqualify from expungement sealing

July 16, 2020

Juvenile Records And Adult Expungement & Sealing

A complicated area of law that comes up from time to time, deals with juvenile records, and how…

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