The Tampa DUI RIDR Program; A Good Option For Some

Hillsborough County’s DUI R.I.D.R. Program

In 2018, just a few years or so after his successful campaign bid, newly elected Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew H. Warren, introduced the RIDR program in Hillsborough County. RIDR stands for Reduced Impaired Driving Recidivism. According to the State Attorney’s Office, RIDR seeks to aggressively target and reduce impaired driving by imposing enhanced sanctions like alcohol monitoring devices and DUI education programs on first-time, non-aggravated DUI offenders.” In summation, RIDR is similar to a “diversion program,” but is perhaps more akin to a negotiated plea that is available to defendants that complete specific requirements.

There are three levels of the program: Level 1 for a standard DUI, Level 2 for DUI with a breath alcohol concentration (BAC) above .15, and Level 3 for a drug related DUI.

Requirements of the R.I.D.R. Program

  • Install an ignition interlock monitoring device on your vehicle.
  • Complete DUI school and any recommended follow up treatment.
  • Attend a victim impact panel.
  • Complete 10 community service hours.

Unfortunately, that’s not everything. If all of this is done, then the State Attorney will agree to offer you the negotiated plea agreement. So, you would first complete the above terms, then at a final court date you would resolve your case with a plea of “No Contest,” or “Guilty,” to the reduced charge of reckless driving.

The following are the terms of the plea deal:

  • Withhold of adjudication
  • 12 months of probation
  • Court costs, and standard conditions of probation
  • Ten-day vehicle immobilization
  • Complete D.U.I. school, and any recommended treatment
  • 50-hours of community service
  • The ignition interlock device for 3 months

Level 2 requires additional community service hours and a 6-month period for the ignition interlock device, and Level 3 requires a “PharmCheck Drugs of Abuse Patch.”

As you can see, the requirements can be burdensome. But for some defendants, it is a good opportunity. One of the program’s strongest selling points, is that it offers a “withhold of adjudication.” This leaves the door open for participants to have their record sealed, provided they are eligible. See our page on sealing and expunging criminal records.

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