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Wipe the Slate Clean

Need a Fresh Start?

When someone gets arrested and charged with a crime, a public records are created. These records will continue to exist indefinitely and remain open to the public unless it is expunged or sealed.

Record Expungement & Sealing

Expunging a record erases it from the public eye, and gives you the right to lawfully deny it ever existed. We’ve successfully helped over 200 clients expunge their Florida criminal records. Read more


Administrative Hearings

Facing DUI Charges?

For over ten years, we have aggressively defended DUI charges in the Tampa Bay area, including felony DUI charges, DUI accidents, prescription drug DUI, DUI under 21, and more.

Aggressive DUI Defense

We also handle the administrative side to DUI charges, which includes representing clients at formal and informal hearings with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Read More

Criminal Law, DUI, Sealing & Expungement

The Law Office of William B. Wynne is a local Tampa Bay criminal defense law firm. For over ten years, we’ve handled thousands of criminal cases of all different types.

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